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Looking for dealers for household appliances, hobby classes, furniture or maybe dealers for industrial generators or anything you wish?

Your search ends here!! Want to increase the number of clients for your business? Require an advertising medium which will give you the best possible Return on Investment (ROI)? Need to arrange a party or construct a building? So many requirements and only one answer – www.serveu.in

ServeU.in ?

www.serveu.in provides an excellent local searching platform for businesses and users to meet at a common junction. An ideal platform for the product & service providers in major cities in India.


Easy to use functionality, very simple to register and scores of options to advertise. An advertiser pays only per click that is received on the ad! Pay only when the ad yields tangible results and also get a performance report card in real time! Any user spends the minimum amount of time on the search. Well, we are not done as yet. ServeU is developing continuously, for you.

The most updated data. From years of experience.


Information, anytime anywhere….

The information is available across online, & print.

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Web: www.Serveu.in

Print: Monthly Bhubaneswar Local Classified Newspaper

And, we can promise you that you will get what you are searching for.


About CEO & Founder

Ranjan Kumar Panda handedly accepted the challenge of creating an Internet marketing business and, in 2009, founded RP Graphics & on 2011 created Serveu.in for public help & Go Green Project. Ranjan, a graduate of one of the most prestigious computer engineering colleges in India, has nearly 5 years experience in Internet marketing, web development and e-commerce. His personal success and reputation as an excellent SEO professional is responsible for attracting some of the best and brightest talent to Serveu. Today, RP Graphics has assembled a team of nearly 80 people, including SEO professionals, Internet marketing analysts, technical managers, link builders, programmers and designers.


Because of their success in all india for communication Technology, the RP Graphics team is proving to be one of the most effective Internet marketing, Bulk SMS companies india. Ranjan believes that maintaining excellent results for his customers is the key to Serveu growth. By providing the best services possible and continuing to deliver the best results, he believes that Rp Graphics will create its own opportunities for success.